People and Thought.


Giving form to immutable things

Human beings are weak, and our thoughts are always in a state of flux. Things that we have seen before can also appear different with the passing of time. Yet, all of us do possess intrinsic principles, as well as a sense of enthusiasm and determination, that are unyielding. What can we create by faithfully giving form to these immutable ideals through graphics? Our attempt to answer this question led us to the creation of “NOTE.” By approaching the question with a touch of humor from the antithetical perspective of something that dares to freely transform its shape, we decided to use the octopus as the motif of these graphics.

We believe that the act of creating something immutable from a motif that is constantly evolving provides a link between the superficial aspects of human beings and our immutable essence in a manner that is not insignificant. By using the octopus as the embodiment of constant change, we have created four graphics that are completely different from the octopus: a chameleon, an ammonite, a jellyfish, and an atomic bomb. Why have we decided to create these four graphics? They were actually selected based on our subjective take on the idea of immutable things described in the previous section. Specifically, the chameleon depicts the ability to change and adapt to the surroundings, the ammonite represents respect for history and the accumulation of knowledge as exemplified by geological formations, the jellyfish alludes to keeping up with the times, and the atomic bomb is an image of something that we will never forget or lose sight of. These four objects allowed us to create links between our core ideas and words that can be associated with our main motif. What can we create by giving form to immutable things through graphics?

We thought that we would be able to come up with some answers to this question, but these answers seem to vanish without a trace just like our fleeting dreams. However, our work made us realize that the profundity and joy of design are only possible because of the transience of such experiences. Perhaps that is the best clue to the answers we were looking for.



なぜ、この4つのグラフィックにしたのか?その理由は、前段で述べた「変わらないもの」という個人的主観で選定しています。カメレオン(色を変化させ時代に順応をすること)・アンモナイト(地層のように時代を重んじ知識を重ねること)・クラゲ(時代の流れにのること)原爆(絶対に忘れてはいけないこと見失わないこと)。このように、今回はモチーフから連想できるワードを自分自身の根底にある考えとリンクし構築しました。「変わらないもの」をグラフィック表現することで、何が生まれるか? その答えが何かしら出せるのかと思いましたが、人の夢のように、答えもまた霞のように消えるようです。ただ、デザインの奥深さや楽しさは、その霞があるからこそだと感じた作品となりました。もしかしたらそれこそが、答えの糸口なのかもしれません。