People and Thought.


We aim to reduce the volume of commercial design, pursue the essence of design, and strive for flawless design quality.
At the same time, we will achieve a sustainable society that listens to the voice of the Earth
by eliminating non-applicable elements.
Although it is not an easy task to achieve these goals,
we do not dare to give any “answers” to achieve them.


If you are looking for an “answer”, we believe that the closest you can get to an answer at this stage is the “action” of accumulating the hints you find every day and “continuing” to always do your best.
Consistency will lead to an improvement in sustainability.


finding questions

People and Thought. is an artistic activity based on the theme of “finding questions” about thoughts that have become basic, such as people’s way of thinking and the senses that have become commonplace in the modern age, while keeping design at its core.

At the same time, Atsushi Ishiguro, who presides over People and Thought., focuses on his awareness of the environment, which is etched into the core of his work, and is conscious of making noise in society through a combination of design qualities pursued selfishly and conservation for a sustainable society. By taking a stance that is directly related to the social environment, while remaining distinctly different from the commercial world, I believe that we will be able to feel the pure depth of design without any distractions.

People and Thought.は、デザインを基軸に置きつつ、人の思考や現代において当たり前となってしまった感覚など、ベーシックとされてしまった思考に対して「疑問を見い出す」をテーマにした芸術活動です。

同時にPeople and Thought.を主宰する石黒篤史の根幹に刻まれる環境への意識にも焦点を当て、あくまでも利己的に追求されたデザインクオリティと持続可能な社会に向けた保全の掛け合わせにより、社会においてもノイズを与えることを意識しています。商業とは一線を画しつつも、社会環境に直結したスタンスをとることで、雑念の無い純粋なデザイン深度を感じられると思います。


Atsushi Ishiguro / Art director

石黒 篤史

In 2013, the creative studio OUWN was established. OUWN is a name coined to allow us (OWN) to empathize and share and with you (U). An approach with a commercial perspective that is not bounded by existing mindsets has been adopted since being established, allowing OUWN to continuously win numerous design awards both domestically and internationally.
In 2020, "People and Thought." was launched aimed at artistic activities. By lowering the commercial emphasis, sophisticated graphic development and artistic activities—such as those linked to environmental conservation and the SDGs—are carried out. They are all based on the consistent theme of creating awareness, and communicate new perspectives and a sense of realism to people.

2020年、芸術活動を目的とした「People and Thought.」を始動。